straight to the bottom

by Ankle Grease

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released May 8, 2015

Recorded on a Thursday afternoon by Jay at the Elephant Graveyard in Chester, NY. It was warm and there were goats bleating outside the barn.



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Ankle Grease New York, New York

Ankle Grease plays short punk songs on acoustic instruments. We like to shout and sing in basements and backyards. We'd love to meet you. Let's get together, cook some food, and share some stories.

Jesse - Guitar
Shannon - Violin
Jay - Drums
We all sing because singing is fun
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Track Name: past potential
Sometimes I drink so much that it scares me
So I drink more to try and be brave
I've been making sense of my loneliness and learning there's not much to say
Still their questions keep on coming
"Will you be okay to get home?"
But I know what they are really asking, "Will you be okay alone?"
I don't know
I've been wandering past potential
I've been blowing each chance I've got
I've been avoiding all of the places I get better and hanging out in parking lots
Now my bedroom is like an ashtray
It's full of used up things and no good
Well I know I ought to be doing something better and I swear to you that I would
If I could
Track Name: sandy
The weatherman says torrential rain
and flash flooding are on the way
But I live in an attic these days so I should be okay
When winter comes I get real bad
Start feeling myself drowning in sad
I stock supplies and pile sandbags
But I can't hold the deluge back
So I send my head off to higher ground
I float my heart in a boat but there's no rescue around
I write SOS on my sleeve
But it's too late to evacuate and it's too late to leave
I don't know if I can weather this storm alone
Track Name: bad idea
Last night I went out to howl at the moon
This morning I woke up in the afternoon
I checked my phone but no one had called
Made me wonder would they notice if I never woke up at all
Lately I've been burning bridges down
And I've been burning from the inside out
That monster in my head is in the driver's seat
And it made me realize that that monster is me
I am the bad part of your day
I am the sadness that won't go away
I am that dream that wakes you up at night
That covers you in sweat and fills you with fright
I am the reason you feel unease
I am the bad vibe that just won't leave
I'm the discomfort you're trying to shake
That fucks up your head and gets in your way
I am a bad, bad idea
Track Name: cops
"Have a seat on the curb and take off your shoes
We're searching your car, we're detaining you
And you have no recourse, you really have no voice"
You can tell your uncle is a nice guy
He's got fourteen years with a badge
Though I'm sure he's funny and family parties
Institutionalized terror is bigger than that
Where were the cops when my rent got raised?
Where were the cops when my friend got raped?
Why do the cops break us up everyday
We're just trying to feed the hungry
Every pig is complicit in violence
They hide behind their blue wall of silence
I'll show you on good cop: he's six feet underground
I took a piss on a cop car last night
It made me feel better
But all the fits we throw won't fix things we know
Cause Mike Brown is dead forever
And if you can't imagine a world without police
then please step aside
Cause the rest of us have work to do to end the violence
We know it's time
Track Name: protest songs
We smoke them down to the filters
We drink them until they're bone dry
These cigarettes and bottles
That fill up our empty nights
I've watched too many of my friends die
I've watched too many more give up their lives
To a long commute stuck in traffic headed to their 9-5
Watched uncle Frank get arrested
He said it's the hundredth time
He's still standing up even though he gets beat down
Next month he'll be 59
And I will be 59
I will carry the banner and put my dancing shoes
I will play loud music in my friend's basements
and sing my protest songs
Track Name: fire
These holes in our clothes, they can be mended and sew
and that's a way of life that the rich will never know
Our hands and feet, they can be used to meet
the needs of others in our communities
We're going to find our way
The odds are stacked against us but they're a house of cards
We're going to bust the whole thing wide open and keep reaching for the stars
We found a way to survive with the ruling class on our backs
Just think of how we'll thrive when we're finally rid of them
Come warm yourself by the fire my friend
We're burning cop cars and the halls of government
Come warm yourself by the fire my friend
We're burning books of law and the people who wrote them
Track Name: fiver
You know I've had the days where I had to choose between smokes and strings
Because I couldn't afford to buy both
but no one comes to the shows to watch me smoke
They're all waiting to see me break down
Break down singing
Break down screaming
It's so entertaining
We're all paying to see our heroes on their knees
It was a five dollar bill that I stole from my old man
I had no idea it was significant for him
It was the first fiver he made panhandling
When he was down on his luck just trying to make it back to Michigan
Now I feel like such an asshole because I blew it on a movie
that I can't even remember anymore
And I would kill to have that fiver so I could spend it on some smokes
or a set of strings for this guitar when I'm broke
Track Name: hair of the dog
Surviving on coffee and cigarettes
I'm dying from vodka and my regrets
I've added up pounds of flesh and counted the cost
I'm finding myself at a loss
I don't know if it's ever been this bad or if it's always been this bad
Have I been broadsided or just worn down?
Trying real hard to get back up
Pouring the hard stuff in my cup
You know I've never been good at turning things around
Now my body feels like a burden and all my words get stuck inside
And all my thoughts are towards those moments that have died
Tears won't fall because I'm dehydrated
Beers don't help but being inebriated
opens up my eyes to the reality of the disaster that I am