Four Square Tour EP

by Ankle Grease

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We decided to demo the new songs that we'll be playing on tour. Physical copies limited to thirty.


released June 24, 2016

Jesse played guitar
Shannon played violin
Ray played mandolin
Jay played drums



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Ankle Grease New York, New York

Ankle Grease plays short punk songs on acoustic instruments. We like to shout and sing in basements and backyards. We'd love to meet you. Let's get together, cook some food, and share some stories.

Jesse - Guitar
Shannon - Violin
Jay - Drums
We all sing because singing is fun
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Track Name: That's Not Me
I have never been good at being no good
I have always had to find a way to be good
So that all my friend's moms would like me the best
And I've broken lots of laws but none of them were lawful
I stole from corporations so I don't feel awful
And I got myself arrested at protests
But I know that no one is calling me a bad ass without a smirk stretching across their face
I know that I will never be a bad ass but to tell you the truth I'd rather be thought of as a safe place
And It's never going to be me making out with you at a drive-in movie
No it's never going to be me with a cigarette pack rolled up my sleeve
It's never going to be me punching my hand on a Coke machine to make a bottle drop out so magically
That's not me
Track Name: Molotov
If you've never thrown a molotov give it a try
You don't want to be a rookie when your life's on the line
We all know that the world isn't going to change over night
But we can give it a push just give the fuse a light
I ain't never known a king to just step down
It's up to us to march in and knock of their crown
No they might not hear a single shout
But all of our voices together make a mighty sound
We're furious, we're hurt, and we're here
Ignoring the impression doesn't make it disappear
When the music stops and we're all clapping
There's a lot of energy but is anything really happening?
We all know that the world can change tonight
It's just a little push, give the fuse a light tonight
Track Name: Boss Song
Things aren't all right we're all here walking the line between eviction and making ends meet
Our daily occupations are a subtle coercion
The threat of life on the street
I know you've been thinking about Bakunin and you're wishing today could be the day you introduce your boss to their own shallow grave
But you're the one buried under bills to pay
That's why I always poop on company time
A living wage just getting nickel and dimed
Ten bucks for the boss for every one of mine
Working for crumbs instead of standing on the bread line
There are people I love that will never have enough
It's not a fault of their character it's just the way the system is set up
It separates the haves from the have nots
Well we're going to have to work together if we're ever going to have a shot
To build a life on common need
We'll say no to all their greed
And then we'll all be free
Track Name: Weekend
I like the way that my face feels when I'm riding my bike fast
The cold air stings my skin as I'm pedaling past
All those cars stuck at traffic lights headed to god knows where
Honestly when I'm pedaling it's hard to care
I like the way that my head feels when it's rested in your lap
All my anxieties feel far from me when we share a laugh
These tiny measures of freedom are all we settle for
One small breath when we're gasping it's too much to endure
Well I refuse to live for the weekend anymore